Posted by: Arvid | April 15, 2015

Season’s Over

The 2014-2015 walleye season is over. It ended on a picture perfect day; sunny, warm and unlike the day before, no wind. Bill invited me out for the morning bite. Daylight is about 6:00 a.m. so it’s up early to be on the water by then. There was good action for the first half-hour and then it slowed. We moved up river a mile or so and caught a few fish, but it wasn’t fast. We did manage to get our four walleyes to take home by mid-morning and released nine slot fish; the largest was 28″. With the walleye season opening on May 9th, the fish won’t get much of a rest. A lot can change, weather wise, in the next three weeks, but river fishing could be good on the opener.

The two week spring sturgeon season is from April 24th – May 7th. To harvest a sturgeon, a special tag is required and the fish has to be between 45″ and 50″ or over 75″. One over 75″ would likely be the State record. Could this be the year?


A pretty 28″ walleye


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