Posted by: Arvid | January 31, 2015

A Fish Story

The following was sent to me from one of the Bosch Boys and with his permission, I’m posting it. “Co-worker David…NCAA extraordinaire”, is tall, must be at 7 foot, and would be referred to in current basketball jargon as “long” with a wing span to match. So it’s easy to understand how it was accomplished.

Monday Night Fight

So we were fishing Tommy’s house the night they cut the road in. Just as we were leaving I hooked into a feisty sturgeon. Unfortunately, I was in the north hold and it had been closing up over the week due to the banking breaking down.

I thought all was lost, but my friend and co-worker, David…… NCAA basketball extraordinaire said he could pass the fishing rod under the ice.

I thought “no way” since I’ just measured the river ice at  16 inches earlier that night, and, of course our floors sit well over a foot up off the river.

As soon as our feisty friend took his next break, I grabbed the line, opened the bail & dropped it down to Dave. A few seconds later he had us in the next hole to the south which had a good cut.

Well in total we fought for over an hour on our Lake of the Woods fishing rod, and our prize was this 49 inch river sturgeon.

Just a great time, and great way to chill out when working hard up north.


Bill Callihan 49 inch sturgeon

Bill with his 49″ Sturgeon


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