Posted by: Arvid | January 28, 2015

Some Fishing – Not much catching

It’s been a while since the last post. We were gone for a while over the Christmas Holidays and the fishing I’ve done since has been pretty slow. All of us River Rats have found this winter’s fishing really poor. Fishing on this end of the Lake has been spotty and generally slow. The winter roads are out about 18 miles. The reports are spotty, but after all, its late January, that’s what can be expected.

I fished pike for a couple days last week. Nothing big, but a couple in the 24″ range and there’s a batch of pickled pike in the fridge.

Tuesday, Don, Vyron and I fished crappies up at Nester Falls. The weather was nice enough to fish outside. The bite has been a little slower with all the weather fronts coming through, but we did manage to catch 23 crappies and 8 nice perch. The crappies were nice; between 10″ & 12″. The first spot we stopped we fished for over an hour and Vyron caught the only fish. We moved and immediately caught fish. The bite didn’t last long and I guess that we should have moved sooner.

Don & Vyron with Crappies

Don & Vyron with nice crappies


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