Posted by: Arvid | November 4, 2014

Not a House Cat

I thought it was a little special when I saw a young bobcat feeding on a road killed deer a couple of years ago, but was clearly outdone when Jodi sent a picture of one in her back yard. Here they are in a nice suburban community in a city of six million people and they get this wildlife that we don’t see much of; coyotes, quail and now a bobcat. Won’t mention some of the other critters.

It’s been a disappointing Fall for the river fishermen. The fish are not in the river in any great numbers and if we don’t get another shiner run they may stay in the lake. The river is down several feet since mid-summer and there’s not much current to encourage the fish to come in. There could be a run just before freeze-up; I hope so or it could be slow winter fishing on the river.

Next up is deer season that starts this coming weekend and it’s not very encouraging. Antlerless permits were cut nearly in half for our area and our group didn’t get any. The trail cameras showed a couple nice bucks earlier, but lately we haven’t had much. The past couple of winters haven’t been easy on the deer. We’ll have to see what the season brings.


Not your normal house cat. Had no trouble clearing the block wall.


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