Posted by: Arvid | October 16, 2014

Indian Summer

You might say that we are having a little Indian Summer; the past couple of days have been very nice. Conditions are just right for a drive in through the forest to look at some colors. Many of the poplar trees still have their leaves and the tamarack have turned a beautiful gold and when mixed in with black spruce they make for some great pictures. Wednesday, Diane and I went for a drive and walk in the woods. She had her camera and I had the trusty, single shot .410 with hopes of seeing a ruffed grouse. We enjoyed a couple of short walks and she got some nice pictures. We got a bonus; seeing three grouse and getting all of them.

When we returned home, I planted the garlic; had an early supper; hooked up the boat and Jeff and I fished the river for the last hour or so before dark. There have been a lot of people fishing the past few days with the nice weather, but not many good reports. The fish still haven’t moved into the river in any great numbers. We anchored up in 15′ of water. It was a little breezy out of the south to start, but the wind died to nothing as the sun set. We had some action; mostly little saugers. We ended up keeping 2 small saugers and 2 walleyes. We each caught and released a 24″ walleye. It wasn’t bad, but not what you’d expect for the middle of October.

Tamarack-Larch and Black Spruce

Tamarack in full color

Arvid with 2 ruffed grouse

Bonus – Ruffed Grouse

Jeff with 24 inch walleye

Jeff with a nice Fall Walleye


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