Posted by: Arvid | September 2, 2014

Team Effort

Gordon and I were able to fish two of the three days they were here. Sunday was not very nice, so it was a day of visiting and playing cards. Monday, we went back to the Clementson area still looking for a sturgeon. The first two hours got us a few walleyes; two eaters, a nice 26″ slot fish and three or four little ones. It was breezy and the wind kept moving the boat around, so we moved closer to the landing where it was a little more protected and it wasn’t long before we teamed up on a really nice sturgeon. We pulled the anchors and after close to a half hour, the fish was in the net. The fish had pulled us to within 100 feet of the dock, so rather than try and lift it in the boat, we pulled up to the dock to a group of onlookers. We measured the fish; a lady took pictures and we slid it back into the river for some fisherman to enjoy a fight another day.  We went back out and fished another hour or so with not much happening so we decided that two nice fish made for a good day and we went home. The sturgeon was 61 inches. The chart would have the fish at about 60+ lbs and 34 years old. Quite a fish.


A 61 inch sturgeon 


Gordon with a nice 26″ walleye



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