Posted by: Arvid | August 17, 2014

Water Level Dropping

Some of the gates in the dam at International Falls have been  closed this past week and the water level on the river is going down. Along with that the current has eased considerably. The dock at the Peace Park was fixed on Friday and that’s getting things somewhat back to normal.

Willard and I spent most of Saturday on the water. We took no live or dead bait along, just plugs. There was a pretty good breeze out of the NE that had a few whitecaps here and there. Fishing was great, but the catching was a little slow. Smallmouth bass seemed to be the most active; we caught five or six and Willard caught two that were 17″ & 18″; nice fish.  We caught about eight walleyes and saugers; kept three nice walleyes; release a 21″ slot fish and four little ones. We also caught and released two small pike. You noticed that I’ve said “we”, but it was Willard that did most of the catching. That happens quite often when you go with Willard.

It was a cold, wet and late spring, but the garden has done surprisingly well. We’ve been busy putting things away for winter and patiently waiting for tomatoes to ripen. They are green as grass, but, oh! how they are growing.


Willard with a nice 17″ smallmouth


Tomato plants over my head 


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