Posted by: Arvid | January 10, 2014

Two and a picture

If a person lives or works up here, you can pick or choose the days to go fishing. It’s not surprising that when I ask some of the local guys if they’ve been fishing, most answer; “not since the cold weather set in”. Being the fair weather fisherman that I’ve become the last few years, I haven’t fished in almost three weeks. With the break in the weather to above zero on Thursday, I went down and opened up the holes in the shanty and fished for a couple of hours. A 12″ sauger and a 18″ walleye was what I caught and I guess for this time of the year, that’s what I should expect. Neighbor, Jeff, has some company and six of them fished in the area and had nothing to show for their efforts. They are going to the lake on Friday. I got up and was down at the shanty by 7:00 this (Friday) morning. I fished two hours and had three bites; caught three fish; kept two nice walleyes; 17″ & 19″ and took a picture and released a 29″ walleye. It was a good morning.



She was a dandy – 29″


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