Posted by: Arvid | January 7, 2014

That Gets a Smile

The second half of the Bosch winter test season has begun and there is plenty of snow and cold.  There is also enough ice on the river for the shanties and last Saturday Jeff and Mike got two of them set up. Jeff had a friend, Lisa, here for the weekend and although she’s done some fishing, she had never caught a walleye.  They caught four fish that evening and Lisa caught her first walleye; a nice 17″ fish. Jeff caught two;  18″ and a 24″ that may be the biggest for winter test so far. Mike got a 14″ eater.  Still a few fish in the river.

Lisa's First Walleye 1

Lisa’s first walleye – that gets a smile

Jeff - 24 inch walleye

Jeff with a nice 24″ slot fish


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