Posted by: Arvid | June 27, 2013

Middle of Nowhere

Julie, Megan and Matt are back in Indiana after a very nice week with us. We didn’t do a lot of fishing; just enough for some good fish fries and almost a limit for them to take home. The to-do list had a few things that got done and you wonder where the time went.

On Saturday, Megan, Matt and I trolled the river’s shoreline for an hour, looking for a northern or smallmouth, but not a hit. That’s all we did over the weekend. On Monday we waited until evening to go to the lake. We tried pulling crankbaits different places and caught a smallmouth, a pike and five nice walleyes. About the time the sun was beginning to set, Julie and Diane were busy taking pictures. Julie began posting one on her Facebook page and, as I understand it, you can post where you are. She began a search and it automatically popped up “the middle of nowhere”. We all got quite a laugh from that and if this is the middle of nowhere, it’s not a bad place to be….

On Tuesday, we took a ride from town the lake and fished for a couple of hours. Not much going on and not many boats in the area. Megan caught a nice 19″ walleye right away and after that if was slow. We caught four more eaters, a smallmouth and Diane caught a big white sucker on a crawler harness. The walleye that Megan caught was enough to overtake Matt and win the contest that the three of them had going. He wasn’t too happy, but he’ll get over it.

Middle of nowhere

Julie’s picture of  “The Middle of Nowhere”


Megan’s 19″ walleye


Matt with a smallmouth


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