Posted by: Arvid | June 22, 2013

Still some fish

Julie, Megan and Matt are here for a weeks vacation. Hard to believe, but Megan’s been married for almost a year and just finished her first year of teaching. Matt is going to be in grade 10; has been busy with summer football and is looking forward to the fall season. We wish that Darlis and Chase were here, but I guess somebody has to stay and work.

There has been some awful thunderstorms rolling through the midwest the past few days, but we’ve had nice weather. Take a Kid Fishing was Wednesday and it was a beautiful day. While fishing hasn’t been great; it’s been good. There are still some fish in close and most boats caught fish. We have fished the past two days and it was nice on the lake. Thursday we fished the afternoon on the outside of Pine Island, drifting in 15′-17′ with frozen shiners. We kept 9 saugers, 4 nice walleyes and released a number of small ones plus a 23″ slot fish. Friday wasn’t as good and we didn’t see a lot of fish being caught. We kept 2 saugers, 4 nice walleyes and released several little ones. The three of them are having a contest; some formula of total inches of fish caught and kept. After two days, Matt is in the lead. We’ve had two good fish frys and are having a good time.


Julie with a nice walleye


Matt with a nice 18″ walleye


Megan with a nice 18-1/2″ walleye


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