Posted by: Arvid | May 3, 2013

Pond Fishing

Diane and I were in Indiana last week. Grandson, Matt, was a participant in an academic honors banquet and we were invited to attend it. While there, we spent a couple of hours one afternoon fishing bluegills and bass on a private pond. There are not many lakes in Indiana, but it seems like every little ravine has a dam and is stocked with fish of some kind or another. There were five of us fishing and we must have caught 75 bluegills and several small bass.  They kept about 35 bluegills, all in the 8″-9″ range. All bass get released.

For the sturgeon fishermen up here, I understand that last weekend was very, very good. There were many 50″ plus and 60″ plus fish caught. This week has changed. Two main tributaries of the Rainy, the Littlefork and Bigfork rivers, opened up a day apart and have made a mess of the Rainy. Sturgeon fishing has pretty much turned off and it’s not likely that the water will clean up before the  two-week harvest season closes this weekend.

Matt with a Bluegill


Connor with a Bluegill


Darlis with a Bluegill


Rollie with a Bluegill



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