Posted by: Arvid | April 14, 2013

Almost Albino

Diane and I were visiting with friends at a Lake of the Woods County Museum fundraiser Friday evening and were told about a white deer that has been seen about 10 miles from town. We took a drive out there this afternoon and it came out on schedule to nibble on brush and grass in a south-facing ditch bank. It doesn’t have the pink eyes, so I guess that you couldn’t call it a true Albino, but it must be 90 percent white, so it’s almost Albino. It looks like last years fawn and appears to be in good condition for this time of the year. It didn’t seem to mind Diane taking pictures from the pickup.

It looks like the ice went out under the bridge sometime on Friday and today there were sixteen boats out in front of the Timber Mill Park. With only six rigs at the parking lot, most of them would have had to come from up river; most likely the Vidas access. That makes me think that fishing might be a bit challenging up that way.

I was gone all week and it looks like we are in for a good snow on Sunday. I’m done fishing until after the May opener.



The White Deer







Boats following ice-out in front of Timber Mill Park




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