Posted by: Arvid | March 25, 2013

Added a couple other pictures

After a short vacation in Arizona, we returned to see that we are still having winter here in northern Minnesota. We are anxious for some snow to melt.

I haven’t fished in about three weeks and the reports I’ve heard since we returned home haven’t been good. It seems like the only good reports are those coming from the bait dealers. On Sunday, I saw a couple of people fishing pike by the bridge and went down to see what was happening. Here it was Topper and a young lady, Kristan. Kristan is with DNR fisheries; lives in Minneapolis, and was up here for a weekend of fishing. They were with a group that fished out of Morris Point on Saturday and fishing was poor. They were trying to catch a pike before she headed back home and had fished most of the morning with only one flag. It was about noon and Topper had a committment for the afternoon and Kristan wasn’t quite ready to quit, so I volunteered to fish with her for a while. I went and got a dozen sucker minnows and some warmer clothes. It seems like Topper had hardly left when we started getting some action. In the next couple of hours we caught eight pike; released five little ones and kept a 23″, 24″ and a 28″. It was Kristan’s first trip to Lake of the Woods and she enjoyed the pike fishing.

I’ve added a couple other pictures. One is of Brian and a 27″ walleye he caught on the river one evening after fishing the lake all day after the Bosch finish. The other is of Nick and a 37″ pike he caught a week ago while we were gone. There are still a few pike to be caught.


Kristan with a nice 28″ pike


Kristan with the 23″, 24″ & 28″ pike that we kept

Brian with a 27 inch walleye

Brian with a nice 27″ walleye

Nick with 37 inch pike

Nice with a nice 37″ pike


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