Posted by: Arvid | March 6, 2013

It’s Not Easy

How do you write a fishing report when there isn’t much to write about? It’s not easy.

Three of the Bosch Boys, Tom, Ken & Earl, wrapped things up last weekend and then took the weekend plus some vacation to spend a few days fishing before heading home. Tom’s brother, Dan, and two friends came from Michigan to fish with us.  They fished the Lake for four days quitting about three each afternoon to come back and fish the river until dark. I fished with them for the first three days and if it hadn’t been for the Vexilar to keep me entertained, they would have been long days.  We fished off the end of Adrian’s access, Long Point, Zippel Bay and Rocky Point. The first day we brought about a dozen fish home and it got worse each day after that. I didn’t fish the evenings on the river with them, but they would catch a walleye or two and one evening Mick and Brian each caught 27″ walleyes. The day I didn’t go with them, I fished pike for an hour and then Earl and I fished the late afternoon. We ended up with six pike, the largest 27″.  The next day, six of us fished pike for most of the mid-day and only caught five small ones.

I think there is a consensus that we need to have the snow gone off the ice before the fishing picks up.

Ken with a walleye

Ken with a nice walleye

Earl with a pike

Earl with a pike

Mick with a walleye

Mick with a walleye

The Group

Dan, Earl, Ken, Mick, Tom, Brian, Brad, Arvid by the Zippel Bay Igloo 


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