Posted by: Arvid | December 15, 2012

It’s Time to Fish

On Friday, I made a trip to the Bemidji airport for Bosch and for the number of fishermen heading north, it’s going to be a busy weekend. Travel on Lake of the Woods is with ATV’s or small Tracker type vehicles. After work and after fishing, Diane and I went with Don and Sue to one of the resorts for a bite to eat. We noticed that the fish cleaning house at the resort was full, so we could only assume that the bite on the lake was good. I fished the river by the bridge for an hour before dark. There were three other guys close by and for the four of us, there were nine walleyes caught and five were slot fish. I caught four; kept two and released a 20″ & 21″. For the most part, the bite on the river has been slow the past several days, with one or two fish the average catch.

There have been a few guys fishing pike on the Bay for the past couple of weeks with good success. Those I’ve talked to have done the CPR, (Catch, Photo and Release). Nick has caught the largest that I’m aware of; a dandy 42″ pike. There have been a few in the mid to upper 30″ range. They are nice fish.

Nick with 40 plus pike

Nick with a dandy pike



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