Posted by: Arvid | December 6, 2012

A Lost Weekend

Gerry and I took a ride this Thursday afternoon to visit friends at Adrian’s. Stories on ice conditions can change depending on which way the wind has been blowing.  Tuesday, there was a strong NW wind. Wednesday a strong SE wind broke a large area of ice-free and a fisherman needed to be rescued with a air boat of some kind. Whatever kind of vehicle he used to get on the ice; ATV or Ranger, was still out on the ice or at the bottom of the lake. The story is that he didn’t even know that he was floating away until a small airplane saw what was happening and called in. Today the wind is from the WNW and apparently pushing ice back this way and up on Pine Island. Before coming home I stopped to get some gas for the 4-wheeler and I talked to a guy that just came from the Graceton Beach area and said they could see “lots of open water”. The lake usually has a large area of open water until we get some really cold weather so strong winds can really mess up the ice.

For the most part, it’s a lost weekend for the resort community. Many of the resorts were full as early ice fishing is always the best. When the ice will be safe to travel on is now the question.



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