Posted by: Arvid | December 19, 2011

Some Weather

This is some weather we’ve been having this December. Here in Baudette, the Sunday afternoon temperatures were in the mid and upper 30’s.

The nice weather had the fishermen out in full force. I moved my little shanty down by the airport and Diane came with me Sunday afternoon. There was lots of activity with people fishing outside and in their shanties; and many with the doors open. There are some fish around and the bite doesn’t last long. Depending on where you happen to sit might determine if you catch any. There were some that didn’t catch a fish and others caught three or four. Some of the Bosch Boys were fishing and Kenny happened to sit in the right spot, as he caught four nice walleyes and the others only caught one between them. I finally got the best of Diane. She caught a small pike and a nice 17″ walleye. I caught two nice walleyes to keep and released a 21″, 22-1/2″ and a 23″. Once, I turned my back to wipe my hands and when I looked back, one of my jig sticks was gone. A couple of minutes later, I caught the 23″ walleye and while I was bringing it up, here comes my jig stick that had just went down the other hole. There was no fish on it. The line was not broke, but the snap was open and the jig was gone. It was a nice, enjoyable late afternoon on the Rainy.

Ken with one of the four nice walleye he caught

Ken with a nice 23″ walleye

The 23″ walleye that retrieved my jig stick


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