Posted by: Arvid | December 13, 2011

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing shifted to high gear this past weekend. The river and lake have 7-8 inches of good ice and no snow; travel is with ATV’s. Fishing reports are mixed; from so-so to awesome. The so-so reports are mostly from the river where nice fish are being caught, but not many. The Bosch Boys have been fishing in portable shanties this past week and catching a few fish each night and quite often one of them would catch a nice slot fish. Scott is the leader in the largest walleye during winter test so far with a 26-3/4 inch walleye. Mike has caught two sturgeon;  45″ and 48″. He been lobbying for a rule change that would permit any specie to qualify for the big fish, but I don’t thing he’ll get much support. I moved my little shanty to the mouth of the Baudette Bay and have fished three or four times. It’s been hard to get enough for a meal. Generally, I would get two or three small pike and a couple of walleyes. Most of the walleyes are slot fish; from 20″ to 24″. The Lake has been a different story. Last night I talked to a local guy and he had taken a nine-year old with the little brother program yesterday and they had great fishing on the lake. He said that they must have caught thirty fish in a little over an hour. They had only one slot fish, but many in the 16″ to 18″ range. He said that even though there is 8″ of ice, there are three open holes out in the middle of the lake. CAUTION is the word; both on the river and lake.

Scott’s 26-3/4″ Walleye

Mike’s 48″ Sturgeon

Rick with a nice walleye


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