Posted by: Arvid | November 7, 2011

Deer Season – Opening Weekend

We kind of consider the opening weekend of deer season a three-day weekend because there is no school on Monday; it’s closed for deer season.  It makes no difference for our group of Gerry, Wally, Terry & myself; none of us are in school, and Wally and Terry usually take a day or two vacation. Gerry, (now being a fully retired old fart as of November 1st)  and I don’t have to worry about that work business anymore.

We were not quite sure what to expect from this deer season because there were not that many deer being seen, nor was there much sign of rubs or scrapes.  Saturday morning was sunny and a little breezy. The four of us hunted morning and evening and nobody saw as much as a flag. Sunday morning there was a light drizzle, a couple of rain showers and windy. In between those showers, Wally got a nice doe and an hour later, Gerry got a beautiful 10 point buck. The only thing that Terry and I saw on Sunday were a rabbit, a fisher and two partridge. Terry had to work on Monday and headed for home Sunday night. Monday morning it was just Wally and I that hunted. I guess Gerry figured after getting that big buck he deserved the morning off.  Can’t really blame him as the wind blew all Sunday night, continued into Monday morning and it didn’t look like good weather for any deer to move. I had been in my stand for a couple of hours and was reading a magazine when I looked up into the mirror at the trail behind me and there stood this nice buck. By the time I turned around he stepped into the brush heading west. It was less than a minute later when he stepped out into one of the other trails; he didn’t go any further. It’s not near as big as Gerry’s, but I’m very happy with second place.

Needless to say, we have been pleasantly surprised with our success thus far.

Gerry with his very nice 10 point buck

Arvid’s eight point buck

The ruffed grouse that helped pass time by the deer stand


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