Posted by: Arvid | November 3, 2011

End of the season is near

Here we are, it’s November; where did September & October go? Deer season begins in two days and and that means that the end of the open water fishing season is near. I haven’t fished for a few days and reports are mixed. The best river bite appears to be just before dark. There has been another late run of shiners, so maybe there will be more fish to follow. I think that more current in the river would help bring them in. Fishing during deer season can be good.

Don and I spent Wednesday in the Forest walking a few trails looking for ruffed grouse. There are not as many birds as a year ago. Drumming counts were good this spring, but that didn’t develope into birds this Fall for some reason. We got three birds and for this late in the season wasn’t too bad.

We don’t know what to expect this deer season. We are not seeing many deer and everybody has their own theory.  Like too many preditors (wolves); last years somewhat hard winter with lots of snow and too liberal of limits the past few years. We’ll still go out and see what happens.

Late October sunset on the Rainy


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