Posted by: Arvid | July 30, 2011

Matt’s first Pike

There were some thought about going bobber fishing for bluegills on Friday, but as the morning wore on, it didn’t happen, so Julie, Matt and I were on the river again. Matt had never caught a pike and was disappointed last year when he didn’t catch one. After sitting up by Hattie’s for close to an hour and catching nothing I suggested that we put on a couple of crankbaits and see if we could get Matt a pike. When the smoke all cleared, between the early afternoon and evening sessions, Matt & Julie caught and released 12 pike, 5 smallmouth and 1 small sturgeon. The biggest pike was 25″ and three of the smallmouth were 14″-15″. Julie had a big pike bite off her bait as it turned away from the boat and it was big; definitely bigger than anything we’ve caught this past week, sturgeon included. Matt was sweating bullets for a few seconds; knowing it could put him in second place in the Mom vs Son big/most fish contest. He is in second place at the present, by two, in the most fish category.  It was a fun and exciting day.

Matt’s first pike

Julie’s 15″ smallmouth



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