Posted by: Arvid | July 29, 2011

Tied Up

Julie, Matt and I have been fishing a little each day; sometimes the river looking for a sturgeon and twice we’ve been to the lake. Yesterday, we fished Four-Mile-Bay and the outside of Pine Island and caught a perch, walleye and a sauger; nothing to bring home. This morning we took the boat to Zippel Bay and went out to 31 foot. We caught six nice walleyes and a sauger with the downriggers and a nice walleye drifting with a crawler in a little over two hours. The wind kept getting a little stonger and made it uncomfortable to stay out there so we headed back in. This evening on the river we caught a little sturgeon along with a small walleye, rock bass, redhorse and a bait stealing crayfish. That has been a typical catch on the river the past couple of days.

Julie has been keeping very close track of who is catching the most (all species) between her and Matt. Through today they are tied with 10 each and Matt still has the biggest sturgeon.

Matt watching his rod

Bait Thief



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