Posted by: Arvid | May 16, 2011

The 2011 Opener

It has been a good fishing opener.

Saturday, the weather was better than expected; windy, but sunny and not too cold. I didn’t fish; just mowed the lawn and watched the many boats come and go all day long. Reports I got were mixed. Most of those that fished the river caught fish; not many limits, but nice fish. Most fished in 10-14 feet of water. There is still lot of current, but water quality is good. I understand that those who were able to fish the lake (it was windy) did very well in 7-8 feet of water.

Sunday morning, I took a walk to see if any mushrooms were up and at the same time always look for that perfect diamond willow walking stick. No mushrooms, but I did get a couple willow sticks and almost stepped on a ruffed grouse that was on her nest.  She has 11 eggs and I hope she is successful.

Sunday afternoon, about a dozen members of  the Duluth chapter of  Let’s Go Fishing with Senior’s were in town. They are on a fund raising bike tour and on Sunday rode from Bemidji to Baudette. Our local chapter fixed them a evening meal at our senior center and after we finished, Diane and I put the boat in and fished by the airport for the last hour or so before dark. We caught six; kept three nice walleyes and a sauger. Fresh fish on the menu.

A Ruffed Grouse Nest


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