Posted by: Arvid | March 16, 2011

Snow Melt

We have finally got some nice weather to melt some of our snow. Tuesday, the temperature was in the mid forties and water was running down the street. With the time change there is now extra daylight to fish the river after dinner. Tuesday, I did that and walked to the middle of the river by the airport. Neighbors Jim and Ralph had the same thought in mind and the three of us gave it a good try for almost two hours. Ralph caught a big burbot; we haven’t seen many that size in recent years. Jim and I each caught little saugers. This morning I tried the same spot for an hour and a half and didn’t have a bite.

Pike activity on the Bay has been good of late; (60 fish caught at the VFW derby a week ago) so I thought I’d give that a try just to catch something. There was a guy with a small boy (Hunter) from down state fishing pike on the river at the mouth of the Bay. They hadn’t had much action and I suggested that they move into the Bay and soon after they got set up again, Hunter caught a nice 26″ pike. I caught four small pike and kept two for pickling. It was a nice morning to be out on the ice.

Hunter with a nice 26″ pike

Ralph with a big burbot


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