Posted by: Arvid | March 8, 2011


It’s been a long, slow winter of fishing for many of us that live up here. I finally got out and had a decent bite, although we had to go a ways to find it.

Tom is the last Bosch boy here. It’s his job to get things shipped back and turn out the lights to end another winter test season. He takes some vacation days and has a couple brothers and some friends come up here to join him for some ice fishing. They fished outside of Pine Island one day, Zipple Bay for pike one day and some fished the river mornings and evenings. All combined they didn’t have much to show for their efforts. On top of it all, about a 24 hour flu bug was going through the group that would keep two or three laid up each day. Sunday their group went to Sixteen Mile out from Rocky Point. They ended up with about thirty walleyes and saugers, enough for a good fish fry that evening. Tom called and they were going back on Monday and he had room for me. There was eleven of us in four vehicles and we had seven portables. We set up in about twenty-five feet of water were fishing before noon.  For Tom and I the bite was steady most of the afternoon. We caught our limit of walleyes and six saugers. Most of the group had close to their limit of walleyes and a few saugers. All the walleyes were just nice eaters; 13″ to 16″; no slot fish and a few small ones to release. We came off the lake at sunset; a long, but good day.

Tom with a nice walleye

Jessie with a nice eater


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