Posted by: Arvid | December 23, 2009

City on the Lake

Tuesday Don & I loaded up the snowmobiles and went to the Lake. We unloaded at the Wheelers Point landing and followed one of the marked roads to the Lake. Travel is pretty much limited to snowmobiles, ATV’s, and small Tracker/Geo type vehicles.  It was quite a site as we crossed Pine Island; a small city of fish houses for as far east to west as one could see. The resorts have been busy getting their houses out using small vehicles. Being mid day we decided to go deep and drilled some holes in about thirty feet of water. Fishing was slow to start, but picked up and we caught lots of fish; mostly small saugers that we released. We kept eight saugers and two small walleyes; caught and release a 20″ walleye and a pretty good size burbot. At least the action was much better than the river, where it’s one fish a trip and that’s what everybody is doing.

A city of fish houses in front of Lighthouse Gap and Pine Island


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