Posted by: Arvid | December 18, 2009

We Have Ice

With the cold weather that we’ve had the past couple of weeks, we now have ice; good ice with very little snow on top. I understand that the lake has a foot and the resorts are using small, tracker type vehicles to move houses. Reports I’ve heard is that fishing on the lake is “HOT’. The river has about eight inches of ice, but as always at this time of the year, there are spots that don’t seal up right away, so one really needs to watch and know where you go.

I have fished the river the past couple of evenings trying to determine if I should even put my little shanty out  this winter. Wednesday I had one bite; caught about a 22” walleye I released. Thursday I had three bites; missed one; caught a nice eater and had another half way up that got off. Others I’ve talked to are doing about the same. For this time of the year; that is down right poor.


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