Posted by: Arvid | March 15, 2009

Dressed to warm

On Saturday, Don, Sue, Diane and I went fishing crappies on Sabaskong Bay near Nestor Falls. The weather forecast was for about thirty degrees and when the temperature reached the mid forties with full sun, we were dressed to warm. It was a gorgeous day and great to be out on the ice. Fishing was alright with something going on most of the time. The four of us ended up catching 27 crappies, 1 walleye, 1 tullibee and about a dozen perch. The crappies appear to be from four class years with sizes of 8-1/2″, 9-1/2″ 10-1/2″ and 12-1/2″. We only had two of the big ones; the rest we had were pretty equally divided over the other class years.


Sue with a nice Sabaskong Bay crappie


Diane and Sue with our catch of crappies


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