Posted by: Arvid | March 9, 2009

A great ride

Last Saturday a group of eight of us made a trip back into Rowan Lake looking for a lake trout. Our vehicle had Don, his son Brad, grandson Jacob and myself. Two other rigs had Dave and his son Paul; Paul’s father-in-law, Bruce; sister-in-law, Kerrie and a friend of her’s, Katie. It was a picture perfect day; sunny with the temperature in the mid-teans above zero. Some of the group needed to get licenses which delayed us a little and with a twenty-five mile ride back to where we were to fish there was no time to waste. It was a great ride and the miles went by quickly. We got set up in a couple different spots sometime before lunch and the fishing was great; it was the catching that was a little slow. The group caught only four trout. Katie and Brad each caught one that were 3-4 lbs. Don caught a small one he released and I got lucky and caught one 7-1/2 lb. It was a beautiful day and like Don said before, catching a fish is just a bonus.


Katie with her lake trout


Brad with his lake trout


Arvid with a nice Rowan Lake trout


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