Posted by: Arvid | December 4, 2008

Making ice

Deer hunting is over, except for the muzzleloader season. I tried that once, but that year it was to cold and way to much snow so I’ve stayed with the regular rifle season; much better.

This year Wally got the best pictures again. I took a picture of a “big” buck standing broad side at about 75 yards, but the picture was blurry. I need a lesson on taking pictures, or maybe I was just shaking to much.

We are having good weather for making ice; cold and not much snow. I understand the lake has 4″ of ice minimum out to about a mile off Pine Island and Adrian’s have a road marked across Four Mile Bay. Travel is with ATV’s only. The river is frozen over, but there are open holes all over. It will be a few days before there is any ice fishing on the river. Fishing should be good as soon was we can get out there.


A doe and two fawns


A nice little buck walked under Wally’s stand

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