Posted by: Arvid | October 2, 2008

What would we do

We old fogies sometimes wonder about these next generations, but what would we do without them? A couple of weeks ago I sat down to write a post, low and behold, I had no access to the server that my fishing report resided on. Nor could anybody else access the report. Well, thanks to Jonathan and a friend of his, we are almost back to where we were and who knows what the cause of the problem was.

Fall fishing has been slow to heat up. We haven’t had a good frost yet and the water temperature has not cooled off. Some shiner minnows have showed up in the river, but there is not much current to draw the fish in. The report I was going to post a couple weeks ago was when Willard and I went out one afternoon. We caught a few small saugers; a couple nice walleyes and I caught a 55 inch sturgeon. It was quite a fish and took nearly thirty minutes to land it.

I have been out once since then and fished near town. I caught a half dozen small saugers; a large perch, a small sturgeon, and two nice walleyes 16″ and a 24-1/2″. All the reports I’ve heard since have not been very good.

A 55″ Sturgeon (The chart would have it at about 40 lbs. and 28 years old)

Willard with a nice Fall walleye

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