Posted by: Arvid | March 2, 2008

Those Weather Forecasts

Those weather forecasters are not alway right. I just got through snow blowing about 4″ of flurries off the driveway.

Saturday afternoon I went with three of the Bosch boys, Tom, Glenn and Brian to the Lake. We had two reports; one had pretty good fishing way out, like up to ten miles off Pine, but that bite is earlier in the day. The other had a bite in about eighteen feet out in front of the Gap and that’s what we had to opt for. We went out of Adrian’s access and took the road towards the Gap. We found the water depth we wanted and drilled our holes, but what we didn’t find was many fish. We ended up with three nice walleyes and six sauger; mostly small. I thought that we were going to have to spend the night, but Tom finally caught one and we were able to leave. We have to give Brian credit for letting the big one get away. It took his rod and reel while he was over visiting Glenn; consolation was that it was his poorest reel that he lost.

Brian with a nice walleye


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