Posted by: Arvid | February 26, 2008

It was all Tom

Most fishing reports on the river of late the catch is one or none. On my two most recent trips it has been a lot of none. Sunday was a beautiful day and four of the Bosch boys, Tom, Earl, Justin, Mick and I fished for a couple of hours. Tom caught two walleyes; one to keep, the other was really little. The rest of us caught none. Monday, Tom, Earl, Glenn and I didn’t do much better. Glenn caught a perch and a burbot; I caught two little walleyes; nothing to take home. It was all Tom as he caught a beautiful 28-1/2″ Walleye. He lived up to his billing as I’ve heard a couple of the guys refer to him as Technique Tommy.

Tom with the only walleye to keep on Sunday

Tom with a beautiful 28-1/2″ Walleye


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