Posted by: Arvid | November 22, 2007

Ice on the Bay

Happy Thanksgiving from sunny and cool Baudette. The overnight temperature got down to one degree and put ice on the Bay in front of the house. There has been a skim of ice a couple of times earlier, but warm weather and wind took it out. This ice may stay with cool temperatures in the forecast. With lots of current in the river ice may be a while in forming.

Deer hunting season has come and gone. It seems like everybody you talk to is wondering where the deer went after opening weekend. I can vouch for that as I saw only four deer after the first three days of the season. Only one, a nice eight-pointer at 15-20 yards, was a real good chance, but he was to small for the wall so I enjoyed the minute or two and let him walk off. I would have liked to have taken another deer, hopefully next year. 100_1340.jpg
Ice on the Bay on Thanksgiving Day


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