Posted by: Arvid | November 13, 2007

The Second Weekend

The second weekend of deer season has come and gone. I had hunted most mornings and evenings after the first weekend without seeing a deer. Wally and Terry were here for the weekend and both saw deer on Saturday. Then on Sunday afternoon Wally got the deer he’s been waiting for, a beautiful ten-pointer.

While Wally was doing his thing on Sunday afternoon, Terry and I went fishing. We should have stayed hunting, because fishing was not good. We fished the river by the airport. Terry’s only bite produced a 20-1/4″ walleye; I caught two 16″ walleyes and lost a couple others. There were two other boats fishing near us; one didn’t catch a fish, the other only caught a perch. That’s not good for this time of the year.

Wally with his ten pointer.jpg
Wally with his ten-pointer

Terry with 20 inch deer season walleye.jpg
Terry with a deer season walleye


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