Posted by: Arvid | September 18, 2007

A Few Fish

Indications are that fall fishing has begun. Reports have the walleyes staging in front of the Lighthouse Gap and a few have followed the shiner run into the river. There is lot of activity on the river. The town of Rainy River has their annual walleye tournament this weekend and there are a number of boats out pre-fishing the tournament. Reports are that the best fishing is in 16-20 feet of water with jigs and shiners. I was gone for the weekend and was anxious to fish when I got home. Monday morning I went out for a couple hours and caught a small perch, a bullhead and two walleyes; one about 10″ and the other was 28″; nothing to bring home. That afternoon I fished for a little over an hour and caught two nice walleyes and two perch that I kept and release a couple small walleyes.

A 28 inch walleye.jpg
A to be released September 28″ Walleye


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