Posted by: Arvid | September 1, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Fishing on the river is a little slow. We are getting enough to eat, but that’s about all. Friday evening, Bob, Sue and I caught five or six small saugers; kept one plus a real nice perch. Saturday morning, while Sue & Diane were doing the garage sale thing, Bob and I fished for a couple hours. Bob caught a nice 17″ walleye and we kept two other small ones. Bob also caught about a 25″ northern that we cut the line and released. That’s three or four northern caught in the last three days all in 18′ to 20′ of water. A few emerald shiners have showed up in the river the past couple of days; maybe a few walleyes will follow them in from the lake.

Another northern caught in 20′ of water


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