Posted by: Arvid | April 12, 2007

Sharp-tailed Grouse

If you have ever witnessed the early spring mating ritual of the Sharp-tailed Grouse you’d probably agree that it is special. Tuesday morning Diane and I had the opportunity to use the DNR blind that was set up on a traditional dancing ground about four miles southwest of Baudette. We were up at 5:00 a.m. and dressed for winter; it was about twenty degrees. It was daybreak as we arrived at the blind and about twenty birds flushed. We were told that they would come back so we crawled in the very small canvas blind, sat on a couple of cushions and waited. It was a little windy and I think that made the birds a little jittery and it was the first time this year that birds have been there with people in the blind. I thought we were lucky, that group of birds flushed and came back four times in the next hour and a half. We got a little cold and cramped up, but it was a good time.

Dancing Sharp-tailed Grouse

Sharptail Dancing.jpg
Three Sharp-tailed Grouse on the Dancing Ground


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