Posted by: Arvid | April 11, 2007

A Day Time Bite

The walleyes have changed their feeding habits a little. The best bite the past few days has been during the middle of the day and then they shut off a couple hours before dark. Monday evening I went on the river by the airport about 7:00 and never had a bite. George S. was there and he caught a nice 26″ walleye just as I arrived. He had caught a 29″ walleye and two eaters a little earlier but nothing more after I started fishing. Tuesday I fished during the day for a short time and caught a 26″, a 21″ and two nice eaters. There sure are a lot of nice fish in the river now. George said that he has caught several the past couple of weeks in the 28″-30″ range.

Ice conditions on the river near Baudette are still good for ice fishing. It sure looks like the season will close this Saturday and we’ll still be on the ice. I don’t remember that ever happening before. Report are that the river is open just this side of Birchdale and the boat fishermen are not doing very well. Reports are that pickups are still driving on the lake (although they shouldn’t be) with over 40″of ice and fishing reports are spotty.

George with a nice 26″ walleye


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