Posted by: Arvid | August 30, 2006

Lake Bemidji Walleyes

Diane and I were camping for a few days this past weekend at the Lake Bemidji State Park and were able to spend some time with friends Terry and Bev. It also gave Terry and I a chance to do a little fishing. Does that surprise anyone? The past couple of weeks the walleye bite on Lake Bemidji has been very good, mostly just before dark trolling Rapala’s in shallow water. Saturday evening Terry and I fished for a couple of hours using jigs tipped with shiners and then trolling Rapala’s at dark. We caught several perch and three small walleyes; two of them not large enough to keep. Sunday morning we tried again for an hour. Terry caught a nice 20-1/2" walleye that he released. Sunday evening was better. We caught eight nice walleyes from 14" to 18". Four of them were caught on jigs with minnows; the other four trolling Rapala’s at dark. In addition, we caught a lot of perch and kept ten that were in the 8"-9" range. You can see from the pictures that the weather was perfect.

Sunday afternoon, Terry, Bev and another couple came to the Park with Bemidji’s Let’s Go Fishing Seniors Boat. They took the Larson’s, Buegler’s and Jaranson’s for a tour of Lake Bemidji to show us how the boat rode and handled, etc. Bemidji’s program has been operating two or three days a week this summer. Baudette’s Senior Boating Program now has enough money to buy a boat and plans to be operational next June 1st. 

Terry with 20.5 inch Lake Bemidji Walleye.jpg 
Terry with a 20-1/2" Lake Bemidji Walleye

Sunset on Lake Bemidji.jpg 
Lake Bemidji at Sunset

Bemidji's Let's Go Fishing Senior Boat.jpg 
Bemidji’s Let’s Go Fishing Senior’s Boat

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