Posted by: Arvid | August 5, 2006

Rapala’s on Lake Bemidji

Last weekend Diane & I met our children Julie and Jonathan and their families at the Lake Bemidji State Park for a few days of camping. We had good weather except for Sunday when it got really warm. On Saturday afternoon, my friend Terry, who lives on Lake Bemidji, came over to the Park in his boat. We visited and had a beverage while we were setting up camp. I told him we were having a fish fry for supper and invited him. He thought it would be appropriate if he went out and caught one so off he went while we finished our chores. He was back an hour or so later and had caught two nice walleyes and a perch. He spent some time looking for perch, but couldn’t find them. He caught the walleyes trolling Rapala’s in 9-12 feet of water. After a late supper, Terry, Jonathan, Grandson Matt and I went out for an hour. Terry caught a nice walleye, maybe 17" and that was it. It was a nice evening on Lake Bemidji.

Reports are that fishing on Lake of the Woods continues to be very good fishing with down-riggers in 32 feet of water. Reports from the River are spotty, but should improve as we get closer to Fall. Sturgeon season is now open to the end of September and that continues to increase in popularity both to harvest a fish and just to catch and release. To harvest a sturgeon requires a $5 tag and you can keep one per year that is between 45-50". 

Terry with Lake Bemidji Walleye 
Terry with a Lake Bemidji Walleye

Sunset on Lake Bemidji 
Sunset on Lake Bemidji

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