Posted by: Arvid | July 9, 2006

The Wrong Bait??

Our former neighbor, Betty, had her family home for the July 4th, Baudette Centennial celebration. Her son-in-law, John, and I went to the Lake for a while on Friday. We have had a lot of windy days lately and Friday was no exception; strong and gusty out of the southwest. About the only thing we could do was drift fish. There were a few fish being caught in the 17-18 ft. of water, but we couldn’t get them to bite. I don’t think that we had the right bait for the day. We had crawlers and leeches along, but I think we should have had minnows. There were two young boys that were doing well and I found out later that they were using minnows. We ended up with two fish to bring home and John caught them both.

John with a nice walleye

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