Posted by: Arvid | May 30, 2006

Camping Memorial Day Weekend

Five couples, the Gerry Buegler’s, Mike Larson’s, Wally Buegler’s, Walt Scribner’s and Jaranson’s spent the Memorial Day weekend camping at the Long Lake Park and Campground southwest of Bemidji. The weather was good; very warm; much like summer. A popular activity is fishing for Rainbow trout that have been stocked over the years in Long Lake, a small, deep, clear lake. People fish for the trout off the fishing dock or from boats and use every imaginable kind of bait from corn and marshmallows to worms and crank-baits. We had two boats and fished a couple of hours in the mornings and late evenings. We fished in thirty-five feet of water and caught most of the trout suspended at eight to ten feet. All together we caught 21 trout; a couple bluegills and rock bass. Most of the trout were ten to twelve inches. Mike got the prize for the largest, a sixteen inch beauty that he caught casting a small jig tipped with a piece of worm.

Swimmers enjoying the cold water of Long Lake on a warm Memorial Day

Mike with his 16″ Long Lake Rainbow Trout

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