Posted by: Arvid | May 20, 2006

Friday on the Rainy

Fishing continues to be good on the river with enough of the 13″ to 16″ eaters to keep most folks happy. Friday, Gerry and I fished late afternoon for a while and found out that there was a better bite a little earlier in the afternoon. We managed to catch six walleyes and a sauger plus we each caught a sturgeon. With the river current quite strong the sturgeon, even though small, put up quite a fight.

It appears that the mushroom season is over without really ever getting started. Wednesday, Willard and I took a ride into the forest, but didn’t find much. It got to be where the wildlife and willow sticks got more of our attention.

Arvid with a 35″ lake sturgeon

Two honkers on the Rapid River Trail

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