Posted by: Arvid | April 16, 2006

It was Gerry’s Day

With the walleye season now closed for a month, a getting to be popular option is to fish for sturgeon on a catch and release basis. The preferred choice of spots seem to be the deeper channel areas in Four Mile Bay; depths of 20-25 ft. The water clarity has improved considerably and the sturgeon bite has been quite good for the past several days with reports of 10-12 fish per boat for the day being common.

Saturday morning, Gerry and Wally fished for three hours and caught four sturgeon. Gerry caught two; 51 & 53 inches. Wally caught two; neither one big enough to bend the rod. They invited me along to fish the evening and we only caught two sturgeon. Wally caught one about the same size as his morning ones, but Gerry caught one 57 inches that the chart indicates would weigh 45 lbs. I caught a little, I mean small, burbot. Gerry, with three over 50″, definitely had his day.

Gerry with his 57″ Sturgeon

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