Posted by: Arvid | March 20, 2016

No Bite

One thing about getting eleven inches of snow at this time of the year; it won’t last long. Even with night-time temperatures getting into the low teens; it’s going pretty quick.

The river has been ice free in town for a couple days and is now probably open into Four Mile Bay. There is a lot of current and the water is dirty with ice chunks and other debris coming down the river. There is no bite on the river. It’s going to take several days for the water to clean up, but it should and still provide some time to fish before the season closes. There are those that are still on the lake using ATV’s and snowmobiles to get around. The bite on the ice isn’t much better; slow. Yesterday, I heard two local guys spent a few hours and got one fish between the two of them.

The Bosch boys had a somewhat disappointing season. Because of the late freeze-up, they didn’t get the shanties on the river until mid February so many of the guys didn’t get to fish at all. Fishing was pretty slow after they did get them out. Most of the time they’d get one or two fish a night per shanty and then it might be a slot fish. On the last day of winter test, Tom got a 28″ walleye to claim big fish for the season.

Tommy with 28 inch walleye

Tom with a beautiful 28″ walleye


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