Posted by: Arvid | December 14, 2015

A First

This has been a most unusual December. I have fished in a boat on Thanksgiving, but I don’t remember ever doing that in December; I think this was a first. We have very little snow and the only ice is on some of the Bays. There are a lot of businesses that are patiently waiting for cold weather and ice. I think it will be after Christmas before any of the resorts are able to go and maybe not by then.

Sunday was the monthly pancake breakfast at the Senior Center and afterwards I was taking a break when Bill called and asked if I wanted to fish for an hour before dark. He still had his little 14′ boat in the water and has been fishing quite often the past 10 days. Most of the time he would catch two or three and maybe bring home one or none with the others being to big or to little. Yesterday we caught four fish. We were able to keep two; a walleye and a sauger. Two were slot fish in the 25″ – 26″ range; nice fish. It was nice to get out for a short time even if the brain keeps saying that we should be ice fishing.



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