Posted by: Arvid | October 20, 2015


I haven’t fished since the last day of sturgeon season in September; patiently waiting for some kind; any kind, of a walleye bite to start on the river. Reports have not been good. We are well into October and it hasn’t happened yet. It seems like everyone has their own theory why there’s not any fish coming into the river. I’ll share a few; put into a multiple choice format.

a)  There is no current in the river

b)  They’ve got to much to eat; shiners are in the river

c)  To much fishing pressure year around

d) To many sturgeon

e) To many big (slot) fish

f) All of the above

Part of the definition in the dictionary of theory is: “An assumption or guess based on limited information or knowledge.”

It’s been a great Fall , weather wise, for walking a few trails, looking for ruffed grouse. Don and I have been out twice and this past weekend, Terry was here for a couple days. We did some work on a deer stand on Saturday morning and then went looking for a bird in the afternoon; didn’t get any. We went again early Sunday morning and got two. It was a lot of walking over two days for two birds, but it was nice walking; a great time of the year.

Terry with 2 ruffed grouse

Terry with two ruffed grouse

Woodpecker Tree

The birds worked over that tree


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