Posted by: Arvid | April 3, 2015

River Update

It’s Good Friday morning; a bit chilly at 13 degrees, but still a half dozen boats fishing by the bridge. I sure hope they are dressed warm. The to-do list had one thing out by the lake and I was curious how far the ice was out. I stopped at the Wabanica church and there were two boats in the river and there was open water as far as I could see towards the resort area. I drove to the Wheelers Point access and the river was still covered with ice. When I stopped at the marina to get a filter for the Senior pontoon motor, I was told the river was out at Sportsman’s. That’s not far from the access so it might be usable this weekend. As far as the bite goes, I heard one good report and one that was no good. I did talk to a friend that fished the lake earlier in the week. He fished 17 feet and caught two one evening and three the next. He said there’s still lots of ice and needed an extension on the auger. About a third of the ice is candled and ATV’s are being used to get around. Still need to be careful at this time of the year.


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